Accessibility towards Alas Purwo National Park

Accessibility towards Alas Purwo National Park Large Image


Alas Purwo National Park can be reached from several big cities such as from Banyuwangi and Jember. While special to Plengkung can be reached by land or by sea from Grajagan and Bali. There are three alternative paths to the National Park Alas Purwo, among others:

A. Alternative 1 (Rowobendo Door)
Namely the North Coast line passing through Kab. Situbondo to enter the city of Banyuwangi continues towards Kalipait continue south into Production Forest to the gate of Rowobendo National Park Alas Purwo, as shown below map. For visitors who use public transportation after arriving at Terminal Ketapang continued with mikrolet / Lyn to Terminal Karangente, continue with Mini Bus destination Kalipait. From Kalipait to Rowobendo TN Alas Purwo followed by using Ojeg.

access to alas purwo

B. Alternative 2 (Bedul Door)

Namely the path from the direction of Kab. Jember through Mount Gumitir until T-junction Benculuk turn right towards Purwoharjo. From Purwoharjo then follow directions directions to Mangrove Bedul Tourism Park Alas Purwo National Park. For those who use public transportation by using the Bus from Jember, until T-junction Benculuk change with public transportation in Benculuk with Purwoharjo Purpose then using Ojeg to Mangrove Bedul TN Alas Purwo.

C. Alternative 3 (Plengkung Door)
This  alternative directly from Bali through waterways / sea using Speed ??Boot to Plengkung Beach. Travel from Bali using Speed ??Boot owned by natural tourism entrepreneurs that exist in Plengkung.


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