Famous Waves in Banyuwangi

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In addition to enjoying the exoticism of Plengkung beach that is so famous in foreign countries, we can also enjoy the natural panorama of Alas Purwo National Park is amazing with all the habitats that live freely in it. You can still play on the beaches that have fine white sand and rocks at the edge of the reef.

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Please note, waves Plengkung Beach or G-land famous to this overseas is not not every time can be found. This big waves only appear in April to October alone (especially August) every year. At that time the beach looks clean because the rubbish around the beach carried the waves to other places. Outside of that month, visitors will only see the small waves and not seen surf activity there.

Usually visitors in G-land will stay at several camps that are there, one of which is Bobby’s Surf Camp. You can book accommodation online at grajagan.com or bobby@grajagan.com

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