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Pool is one of the facilities contained in g-land, especially Bobbys surf camp. Where can pool our spare time when his bad weather in g-land, this game is in the interest other than site Table tennis. besides many who can play it too much to want to try this game at g-land.

G-Land Bobbys surf camp many have staff that can play billiards and can help or teach the game of billiards. In my spare time after work breaks there are some workers who play billiards with the surfer who was in g-land. So if you do not have a friend in a play pool in g-land you can invite employees there to play with.

The location of the pool table in g-land Bobbys Surf camp located east of the bar or if you stay in a standard room at G-Land Bobbys surf camp then you will pass it. so do not hesitate to come and stay at  g-land Bobbys surf camp for a complete facilities and friendly employees.

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