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G-Land is a place of a million beauties, G-land with its charm is able to bring in foreign tourists, the destination of diverse tourists, some who come only to enjoy the charm of unspoiled nature, and the destination of the most tourists to the G-Land beach is to enjoy surfing activities. Visitors can enjoy the views of G-Land from various angles. To enjoy the scenery in this G-Land, tourists can visit Alas Purwo National Park and see various habitats in it, while looking at the habitats inside, tourists can also enjoy the cool atmosphere inside this Alas Purwo National Park.Sunset G-Land 19 Des

Then tourists can also enjoy the coast with its white sand which is clean and soft, the water is clear and clean because this area is very guarded. besides on the coast of the beach, tourists can also enjoy the beach with its rocks, tourists can capture the moment in this beautiful place at sunset, because at sunset the sky will also be charming orange.
In this G-Land there is also a place for snorkeling, tourists who come to snorkel can rent snorkeling equipment at the posts in this G-Land. Underwater scenery is no less interesting, with coral reefs that are still healthy and well groomed. Not only water tourism, tourists here can take part in trekking activities, biking or walking.sunset 2 G-Land 19 Des

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