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Plengkung Beach or more famous by the name of G-land. This beach is located in Alas purwo National Park, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Waves on the coast of G-land is considered the second best wave after Hawaii. While Hawaii offers a consistent wave throughout the year. The peak waves in g-land occur between April and August. In addition to G-land and Hawaii, the same waves can only be found in Australia and South Africa.

On this beach had been held international surfing competitions Quicksilver Pro Surfing Championship in 1995, 1996,1997 and Da Hui Pro Surfing Word Championship III series in 2003. With its potential, no longer G-land beach is also known as a haven for professional surfers .


For tourists who want to spend the night in the g-land do not worry because on this beach has been provided several camp options, one of Bobby’s Surf Camp. You can make reservations online or contact bobby@grajagan.com

A surfer named Mike Boyum helped set up a first surf camp in Plengkung. This Surf Camp was eventually taken over by a Balinese surfer named Bobby Radiasa in the late 1970s until now. Inspired by Boyum / Bobby’s surf camp, another Surf camp opened in Plengkung. G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp offers accommodation and facilities complete with relatively affordable rates.

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