G-Land Near Alas Purwo National Park

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If talking sunset must immediately thought with kuta beach in Bali. But it turns out not only Bali has a beautiful panorama sunset. At G-land Beach banyuwangi there is a cool and beautiful sunset and close to Alas Purwo National Park.

G-Land or Plengkung is one of the best surfing spots in the world. After we take a walk in Alas Purwo or tired of surfing in the afternoon do not forget to enjoy the beautiful panorama of sunset in this G-Land. Fellow colleagues will not regret because G-Land has a beautiful sunset and charming.

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This one beach other than the famous cleanliness and forest in the G-Land area is also still dense. Sometimes many wild animals are sticking. The most often sticking is monkey.

At around 17:15 the sun was showing signs of setting. Hence a time like this we can use for a road along the beach while waiting for sunset. Right at 17.30 is a perfect time to enjoy the panorama of sunset. Do not forget for tourists take the camera and find a suitable position to capture this beautiful moment of this one. Indeed the sunset in banyuwangi is second to none. While sitting on the beach with beautiful white sand. Sunset in front of the eye adds to this peaceful mood.

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