G-Land Solid Double Up at Money Trees

G-Land Solid Double Up at Money Trees Large Image


G-Land a Solid Double Up at Money Trees I snagged. After some food I headed out on my new favorite big wave 7’6, and got a handful of nice barrels mostly at the Ledge and then Money Trees on the wider sets. The swell was still very SW, so there was some sweep from the big Fan Palm sets, but not too bad. Was in again around 3pm for my proper lunch.

Everyone hit it after 3 it seemed, 30 or so guys on the Tree, so I was lucky to have it with only a handful of us. At 4 I zipped down to 20-20?s for a look, and there was only Rebecca (guest from Bobby’s) out there, with non-stop 2-3ft waves coming through, and super clean! So I went out there too and had a fun as session with her.

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