G-Land Speed Boat

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Using G-Land Speed Boat is the fastest way to go to G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp, it depart from  Kuta Reef on the day after the overland scheduled trip at 5:30 am in the morning, it will usually takes 2 hours or less to reach G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp. There are some Terms and Conditions if you using this service.

Terms and conditions :

1. Boat departs at approx. 6.00 am from Bali Harbor (depend on tide conditions), and takes 2 hours to get G-Land (depend on weather).
2. Passenger will be picked up from their hotel at approx. 5.30 am (Kuta area hotel).
3. Above pricings area one way and net price.
4. Boat will be gone one day after regular overland trip.
5. Surfboards will be picked up and transferred one day prior boat trip, unless by prior notice.

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