G-Land Waves

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G-Land Waves – A very long, world-class, barreling left hand reef/point break breaks along the east side of Grajagan Bay. It has long been considered one of the world’s best left hand waves. The correct name of the point upon which the main wave breaks is “Plengkung.”

Plengkung or G-Land is a hidden paradise of surfing in Indonesia. It has extreme waves of three to four meters high, very ideal for you to perform your style in surfing. Adroit surfers will really enjoy the wave. International surfing competition had been held at this place.

The wave becomes shallower and more critical the further down the point one rides the wave. It is one of the most consistently rideable waves in the world in season, with offshore winds and often plentiful swell between the months of, roughly, mid April to mid October.

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