G-Land, Wild Life Experience

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G-Land is one of Indonesia’s best surfing spots that you should challenge the waves. Known as The Seven Wonder Waves Giant, G-Land have 4-6 meters along 2km with 7 formations and the composite wave rolling barrel rolls. G-Land also offers the quiet atmosphere and the beautiful nature and wild where wild animals live freely in this area. G-land, or better known as Plengkung beach is a beach located in the National Park, Alas Purwo Banyuwangi, East Java. To reach this place, you should be by road through banyuwangi or by sea from Bali using boat.

G-Land and other beaches around offer beautiful scenery. The beaches are still beautiful, a little trash, and white sand. The sunsets can be enjoyed at G-Land because the curve is facing west. Mobile phone signal is not good, so just enjoy nature. In the national park, there’s a lot of animals. Many wild animals, so do not be surprised if you see a lot of monkeys, wild boar, and peacock. You can see the animals directly, not in a zoo.





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