Surfing G-land

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G-Land is a great National Park, is home to many species of wildlife including panther, leopard, monkeys, deer, reptiles and exotic birds. It is an amazing place and I really feel that pursuing done before Beaton.

From Plengkung Bay on the southernmost peninsula of Java is the legendary Grajagan also known as G-Land. Surfers from around the world have made ??their way to the Javanese jungle each year between March and November, the great waves of sample G-Land. During these months it is rare locally flat and there is a saying – No thresholds in G-Land, the waves in Indonesia, “It’s a very special navigation primitive beauty and perfect waves.

Grajagan is a true global giant waves, mechanical waves perfect barrel distortion, not a drop of water from space – makes the dry mouth at the thought. If you like the left hand, what is reading this page – the suitcases.

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