The Best Waves For Surfing in The G-Land

The Best Waves For Surfing in The G-Land Large Image


G-Land for surf aficionados there is nothing more exciting to look for besides a beach with unmatched wave charm
Plengkung beach is one of the beaches that is part of the layout of the Alas Purwo National Park, which also faces the Indian Ocean and is east of Grajagan Bay. Plengkung beach has the waves of the influence of the Antarctic currents carried by the Indian Ocean, so it is not surprising if the waves produced become consistent and large. The type of waves in Plengkung consist of three levels namely Kong Waves (with waves reaching 6-8 meters high), Speedis Waves (with a height of 5-6 m), and Many Track Waves (which have a height of 3-4 m). In addition there are also the last level waves namely Many Track which is used by beginner surfers to hone their skills.
Plengkung beach in the eyes of tourists has another name namely G-Land. the letter G is taken from the word Green, which refers to the location of Plengkung beach as a green forest. Besides the letter G also comes from the word Great, thanks to the big, long, and full Plengkung Beach waves. There is also a mention if the word G-Land comes from the Plengkung beach arch which is similar to the letter G.5.G-Land WA

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