The Real Waves on G-Land

The Real Waves on G-Land Large Image


G-Land Surfer Paradise, this expression is not one of the surfers asked mania from various foreign countries. So far we only know the beach of Kuta, Sanur, Padang – Padang, and several beaches in Bali Surfer Paradise.

But apparently in addition to the beach – the beach in Bali, there is a beach in the area of Banyuwangi is already known surfers in the eyes of the world, this place is named Plengkung but better known as G-Land.

The term G-Land is given by its discoverer because this region resembles the letter G when viewed from above, happened when it was first discovered, its inventors were on their way with the aircraft flying above the G-Land.

The legend says that G-Land has the biggest waves and the second highest in the world and the longest in the world, this is what makes G-Land became one of Surf Paradise

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