The Uniqueness of G-Land Beach

The Uniqueness of G-Land Beach Large Image


As a country which is famous as one of the owners longest coastlines in the world, Indonesia has many beautiful beaches. Even the popular beauty to foreign countries, one of which is Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi located at the southeast of Java. The beach is popular with the name of G-Land beach directly opposite the Indian Ocean, so this beach including the beach that has big waves. Waves on the beach Plengkung elongated shape, height and has a high speed. In addition, the surf beach Plengkung also roll tube forming an almost perfect waves so that a favorite sports lovers surfing.



Waves on the G-Land beach has 3 levels. For the professional level can surf with waves reaching 6 to 8 meters. Levels were no waves with heights reaching 5 to 6 meters. As for the beginner waves reach 3 to 4 meters. In addition to good surfers, when seen from the sea, beach G-Land has a combination of three colors, namely white, blue and green colors. This is a view of the exotic and different from the beach in Bali or Hawaii.

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