Alas Purwo National Park, The Oldest Forest on The Island of Java

Alas Purwo National Park, The Oldest Forest on The Island of Java Large Image


One of the beaches in Banyuwangi whose name is already famous until the international scene is Plengkung Beach or commonly called G-Land. The beach is already known by the surfers of this world does have a very high waves and large. The waves at Plengkung Beach are known to have the second largest wave in the world after Hawaii. The beach is located in the area of ??Alas Purwo National Park precisely in the District Tegaldlimo has a stretch of white sand beaches in this area blanketed by natural forest and away from the urban hustle and bustle, making it the most ideal area for you who want to surf and true To stay away from the civilization of the city.

G-Land or Plengkung Beach is undoubtedly by the surfers of the world, big and consistent waves are the result of the influence of Antarctic currents, carried by the Indian Ocean. With the right angle of bay, the resulting waves are perfect. The height of the waves is said to reach 4-8 meters long by 2 km, and has a seven waveformed waveform, very challenging for surf lovers to try it. The waves on this beach are divided into 3 levels namely Kong Waves (wave height reach 6-8 meters), Speedis Waves (5-6 m), and Many Track Waves (3-4 m). The waves of the last level (many tracks) are usually used by beginner surfers to hone their skills. The peak waves come from April to October every year.

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With its huge waves Plengkung Beach is one of Triangle Diamond Banyuwangi and become a paradise for foreign surfers. But for visitors who do not have a beach surfing hobby is still interesting to visit. Visitors can rent a boat or jukung that can be used to witness the action of spectacular surfers. Visitors can also enjoy the magnificent panorama of Plengkung Beach from various angles. The management provides a tower that is not far from the beach to see the beauty of Plengkung from a height.

Location Plengkung beach located in the National Park does require a struggle to achieve it. With the offer of tourism activities that can be obtained by visitors in Plengkung Beach it becomes a reward worthy of access that is indeed a serious struggle. During the trip visitors can also see the beauty of Alas Purwo National Park with all biodiversity.

If you are interested in visiting G-land and need lodging accommodation, there are camps available there. One of the most famous is G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp which you can reserve online at

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