Exciting Activities in G-land

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For those of you who wondered why this beach named G-land is a lot of beaches that shaped this form of inverted G when viewed from the satellite. But there is also the assumption that G is taken from the word ‘Great’ because the waves are so big and full of challenges.

Besides enjoying the beauty of Plengkung beach, you can also see the beauty of natural scenery from Alas Purwo with various fauna and flora in it. Other activities you can do here such as through the national park, diving, see the turtle cultivation. One more thing that you should not miss is the beauty of sunrisenya always on the look-awaited by tourists to immortalized.


For those who plan to enjoy the beauty of Plengkung beach longer, you can rent the accommodation provided like G-land Bobby’s Surf Camp. You can order online at grajagan.com or contact bobby@grajagan.com

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