G-Land Celebrate Indonesian Independence Day 2017

G-Land Celebrate Indonesian Independence Day 2017 Large Image


Welcoming Indonesia’s independence day, g-land holds various interesting activities aimed at strengthening the g-land family relations and entertainment for the surrounding community. Competition held is climbing slippery pole (in bahasa : panjat pinang) and tug of war (in bahasa : tarik tambang)


Competition that is not less interesting is not looking at age and gender. Two teams on opposite sides will try to pull a rope to get the opposing team through the barrier. This race is not only pitted the strength alone, but also requires a solid teamwork and solid team. If the team is not compact, then surely the team will not win.


Climbing slippery pole, One of the regular 17 August races is a concern because of the level of difficulty. A group of people had to climb a pole from an oil-covered tree, to take the various prizes hanging above the pole. Body participants were also smeared oil on the climb will feel slippery and difficult. To reach the top the participants should be shoulder to shoulder (literally), supporting other participants to reach the peak. Once climbing pinang was held as entertainment during important Dutch celebrations in Indonesia whose participants are indigenous people.


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