Legenda Tour in Watu Dodol Banyuwangi

Legenda Tour in Watu Dodol Banyuwangi Large Image


Watu Dodol Banyuwangi Tourism is well known among tourists. Watu which means stone and dodol which means to dismantle the legend that make many people interest.

Every on the 10th of Syawal, this place is always held a routine tradition called “Puter Kayun”, a train pulled by a horse. At the time of the process of this tradition was held, Watu Dodol always filled with tourists who want to witness the tradition.

Watu Dodol tourist area is likened to the easternmost gate on the island of Java, besides the stone is believed to have supernatural power or mysticism or the uniqueness of the dark colored rocks with cactus plants as trimmers, also have other natural wonders and historical value.

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To reach the tourist area of ??Watu Dodol is very easy because of its position on the provincial roads; namely using inter-city buses Surabaya-Banyuwangi, or take the Railway from Gubeng Station Surabaya to Station Banyuwangi Baru then continued with vehicles between villages colt or isuzu. from Bali, after the port crossing Meneng – Ketapang distance to Watu Dodol about 2km using the transport between villages or buses leading to Situbondo.

Another tourist attraction in Banyuwangi which had second best waves in the world is G-land.


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