Plengkung Beach or G-Land

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Plengkung Beach or better known as G-Land, is a beach located within the area of ??Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java.

Plengkung is known as one of the best beaches to surf in the world. The word “G-Land” comes from Grajagan, the name of a bay where there is a big wave south of Banyuwangi. Surrounded by a green protected forest, so “G” can also mean “Green” or green. Then there is the assumption that the shape of this coastal bay is like the letter G when viewed from above, with the shape of the arch that is capable of producing perfect waves.

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The waves in this place are very large and consistent, the effect of Antarctic currents carried by the Indian Ocean. Wave height can reach 4 – 8 meters with a length of 2 km, and has a wave formation seven that attract surfers to try it. The waves in this place are divided into three levels, ranging from small waves to large and highest waves. This beach is a haven for surfing fans, famous to overseas.

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