Surfing Enthusiasm? Try to Conquer Hawaiian wave-style in G-Land

Surfing Enthusiasm? Try to Conquer Hawaiian wave-style in G-Land Large Image


Want to surfing? Do not go all the way to Hawaii or Australia. Just come to G-land or Grajagan (Plengkung) in Banyuwangi, East Java. G-Land certainly is no stranger to the surfers. This place is famous to foreign countries as one of the world’s top-class surfing locations.

It is said that Plengkung Beach is also known as The Seven Giant Waves Wonder which is given by a world surfer upon the roll of the waves are fascinating. With waves as high as 4-6 meters along the 2 kilometers in the formation of 7 tiered waves, it is not wrong if G-land become a popular destination for the surfers.

In addition to Plengkung, reportedly it is only in Hawaii, Australia and South Africa alone that has such amazing waves. Plengkung beach is located on the east coast of Java Island and becomes part of Alas Purwo National Park.

In addition to Plengkung Beach, there is actually one more place that is not inferior to the G-land, the Red Island Beach. Red Island Beach is similar to Kuta Beach Bali, but the waves are more wavy with a height of two meters and a length of 300 meters. Just like G-land, the beach does not have many rocks so it is safe for beginner surfers. Its unique characteristic is a 200 meter high hill located in front of the beach so it looks like degan beach in Brazil.


Red Island was previously named Ringin Pitu Beach. There are two versions of the changing name of this beach. The first version is due to the color of the soil and the reddish sand, and the other version is because it is said that the story once sparkled red light in front of the Red Island coast so that residents call it the Red Island.

Its location is close to the fishing village Pancer can be a separate attraction. You can stay at home residents to feel the friendliness of local people and feel the different experiences of other tours. Another tourist attraction is also interesting to visit is Pura Tawang Alun which has stood since 1980. When the tsunami occurred in 1994, the wave as high as 13 meters swept the house residents including this temple. Because of the incident, the outer wall of the temple was destroyed but the interior of the temple did not suffer significant damage. Not only surfing, some locals or domestic tourists often make this beach as a family recreation destination. There is also a try paragliding action in some corner of the hill on Red Island Beach.

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