Why You Need Surfing?

Why You Need Surfing? Large Image


Surfing is a very fun sport and it has a very positive impact on our lives. Surfing is different from swimming in an ordinary swimming pool, surfing is a wave hunter, and this dependence will allow surfers to continue to enjoy a beautiful and dangerous place, like any other extreme sport will certainly train the souls of surfers to become a brave man.

A place well known for the waves will always be visited by outsiders even from abroad, this course will train our soul to be open and friendly as good host and rebuke what if things go wrong. This sport is the sport that enjoys the most beaches than any other sport in the world. If you are a surfing player you will be very familiar with the beach spots and the waves you will go to, many become addicted to surfing, as this spur them on adventure, not just carrying bags and shoes but also bringing the ability to conquer waves.


There are many choices of surfboards that allow you to always watch the waves at an early age to adulthood, for those who still can take shortnoards, for those who are somewhat aged on the longboard option.

Sports enjoy surfing the best waves in the region of Southeast Asia, namely g-land located in Banyuwangi. G-land has some wave parts, if you are still a beginner you can choose low waves. Visit the g-land’s existing surf camp accommodation g-land bobby’s surf camp

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